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The Momentum Culture Index


What is the Momentum Culture Index?


The Momentum Culture Index is a simple, highly effective, proven tool which provides an assessment of the current culture within your business and determines the appropriate future culture.  This enables you to clearly identify which cultural dimensions and more particularly, which specific behaviours, are contributing to your business' success and which are holding you back.


Why is culture important?


Every business result, every sale, every service, is driven by behaviour. The way in which people behave is driven by the culture of the organisation. This culture is created not only by the way people behave but also by how they believe they should behave, this is a result of the myths and legends within a business

So in essence everything that happens in a business is influenced by its culture.

Culture is “the way things are done around here”. 

Without a clear view of your current culture and where it needs to be to deliver your business' direction and priorities in the future, you cannot ensure that you are operating in the most effective way. In fact, all too often, there are significant elements of the culture which hold a business back from achieving results.


How does it work?


Since the original card-based index was developed more than 10 years ago, the online inventory has evolved in 2011. This takes only a short time to complete.  It provides the business with a detailed report summarising the current and desired future organisational culture against 9 dimensions with contributing behavioral statements. The report also defines the specific behaviours which need to be enhanced, maintained and minimised to increase business effectiveness.


Additionally clients receive a summary of the current and desired future state for each dimension and behavioural statement. We work with clients to indentify the priorities for action through a detailed feedback session .


Sample Assignments

  • In a major U.S. owned retailer, there were many anecdotes and ongoing discussions about which behaviours were driving the business and which were holding it back. Using the Momentum Culture Index we worked alongside their team to develop a very clear picture of the current culture as well as the priorities for action. As a result the business decided on which dimensions and behaviours to invest its energy in and, as a result, further increased performance.

  • A large government department, based at more than 15 locations, wanted to identify and harness the culture across the whole organisation and to understand the cultural strengths and limitations of each site. The Momentum Culture Index provided the depth of insight that the organisation required to identify issues and increase effectiveness.

  • One of the UK’s leading insurers asked for our help to identify and prioritise what was holding them back, in terms of how they were working, from achieving their business vision and direction. The business already had an engagement survey however, this did not go far enough in identifying and examining the breadth of behaviours underpinning the culture. We used the Momentum Culture Index to survey all staff and worked with them to develop clear priorities to enhance their business’ working practices.


How much does it cost?


The fee structure is dependent upon the number of participants a business wishes to survey.

Fees include a full report and feedback session with a senior member of Momentum Results


1-50 participants£3,500

50-100 participants£4,500

100-200 participants£5,500

200-500 participants£6,500

500-1,000 participants£7,500


Further reports, tailored to the business’ needs are charged at £180 each

All fees exclude VAT and travel to the feedback session

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