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Facilitation is fundamental in helping groups to perform yet the term, facilitation, is often overused and misunderstood.  Quite simply, facilitation is the skill of getting others to do things for themselves, it is the art of making interventions that help groups to take responsibility for and drive their own performance.

This 2 day workshop, for 8-10 participants, is intensely practical and enables practitioners to enhance and develop their facilitation skills through rigorous practice, review and feedback.




  • To explore and clarify the role of the facilitator

  • To understand group process and dynamics

  • To explore a framework for intervening with groups

  • To practice and develop the skills of facilitation

  • To be introduced to a range of practical review techniques

  • To examine how to handle difficult groups and individuals

  • To explore and practice co-facilitation




  • Exploration and clarification of the role of the facilitator

  • Facilitation skills; what are they and when and how to use them 

  • The Momentum Intervention Model

  • Working as a co-facilitator

  • Understanding and increasing the effectiveness of group dynamics

  • Facilitating adult learning

  • Strategies for handling difficult individuals and groups

  • The range of tools and techniques to use to enable groups to review effectiveness




The effectiveness of knowledge based, power point dominated, tutor led learning and development is constantly being challenged and found wanting. As a result it is clear that these traditional methods are no longer relevant, appropriate or effective in enabling learners to achieve sustained development 


It is critical that learning designs are participative to encourage individuals to take ownership for their own learning rather than becoming dependent on workshop leaders.

This 3 day workshop is for anyone who wants to design highly participative learning events.

It introduces individuals to the latest methods for encouraging individuals to own their learning and enables participants to experience learning methods which will challenge and stimulate their thinking.


Additionally the programme provides practical opportunities for participants to design events to implement back at work.




  • To explore and establish the key principles for effective adult learning

  • To identify the key principles that underpin the participative design process

  • To explore and experience the latest methodologies for securing the ownership of learners

  • To practice and develop the skills to design innovative, effective and highly participative learning events

  • To design innovative learning events for participants' own organisations




  • How the principles of adult learning impact learning design 

  • How to design products which incorporate the continuous learning process

  • The steps to take to put a new product together 

  • Understanding a range of innovative and participative learning design methods

  • Practical application of and feedback on, design skills and learning designs

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