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Talent Development


What We Do


We equip and prepare high performing individuals, at every level of the business, for future roles.

Our experience is varied and our approach tailored to the needs of the business and the individuals involved

Assignments have included;


High Flier Development

  • We have worked with a range of businesses to design and deliver 6-18 month development programmes for their top performers. These have involved developing skill and capability in a variety of areas including; Strategic Leadership; Business Acumen; Self Awareness; Emotional Intelligence; Leadership; External Business and Cross Sector Insight;

  • Working with a range of regional and senior fast track managers we have developed their skill and capability to manage at a distance, enhance their impact and influence and perform at a senior level 

  • In the UK division of an international business we have worked with directors and managers to develop their ability to become more influential, both with the parent company in the US and with their UK colleagues.


Executive Coaching

Our approach to executive coaching combines;

  • our business expertise and experience

  • our ability to understand what makes people tick

  • our understanding of the barriers and constraints that can prevent individuals from working to their full potential 

  • our ability to enable individuals to harness their strengths and apply these within their own business context.


Developing Business Acumen And Influencing Skills Through Business Assignments


We support individuals and small groups to complete live business assignments in their own and other organisations. Through this their challenge is to; address real issues; have real influence and face a variety of live challenges to accelerate their personal learning and development


Sample Assignments

  • We facilitated a team of high potential retailers in undertaking a challenging, live assignment in a major UK Airport

  • We enabled a team from the transport industry to test their acumen against the challenges posed in the education sector

  • We supported high potential HR professionals to undertake a commercial challenge within a leading UK retailer.

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