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We develop expertise in;

Individual Leadership - Leading yourself

Team Leadership - Leading others

Business Leadership - Leading your business


Sample Assignments


  1. Working with a major UK retailer we brought together functional leaders, at every level from senior directors to first appointment managers, to develop a more robust leadership culture across their business. This enabled outmoded leadership practices to be discarded and created a more agile and responsive leadership culture.

  2. We have developed the leadership expertise of senior leaders in a major insurer, both in the UK and Middle East. This has resulted in tangible returns to the business.

  3. We have developed the leadership skills and attitudes of first line managers in a former public sector business which has recently made the transition to the private sector. This has resulted in the establishment of a more dynamic and responsive leadership approach despite continuing to be a highly regulated industry.

  4. We designed and facilitate the "Retail Masters Forum" for retail leaders at the Said Business School, in conjunction with BIRRA


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