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Culture Enhancement


What We Do


Using the Momentum Culture Index we enable businesses to identify, harness or modify those dimensions of their culture that increase, decrease and maintain performance


Sample Assignments

  • In a major U.S. owned retailer, there were many anecdotes and ongoing discussions about which behaviours were driving the business and which were holding it back. Using the Momentum Culture Index we worked alongside their team to develop a very clear picture of the current culture as well as the priorities for action. As a result the business decided on which dimensions and behaviours to invest its energy in and, as a result, further increased performance.

  • A large government department, based at more than 15 locations, wanted to identify and harness the culture across the whole organisation and to understand the cultural strengths and limitations of each site. The Momentum Culture Index provided the depth of insight that the organisation required to identify issues and increase effectiveness.

  • One of the UK’s leading insurers asked for our help to identify and prioritise what was holding them back, in terms of how they were working, from achieving their business vision and direction. The business already had an engagement survey however, this did not go far enough in identifying and examining the breadth of behaviours underpinning the culture. We used the Momentum Culture Index to survey all staff and worked with them to develop clear priorities to enhance their business’ working practices.

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