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Momentum simulations are innovative products which test commercial and business acumen and interpersonal and influencing skills in live situations


Our simulations bring to life the realities and challenges of everyday business from creating strategy and managing the business to influencing  board members, handling the media and dealing with challenging individuals and teams


Momentum simulations can be mapped against your business' competency framework for use in development and assessment.


Simulations can be purchased to be run either by clients or supported by Momentum consultants




This retail based simulation tests individuals' strategic and operational understanding and capability whilst presenting them with a range of challenges in managing the performance of people in a robust commercial environment. Retalica is ideal for managers making the transition into their first regional or area role, with an optimum group size of 4-8 participants

Duration; 2 days

Cost; £8k plus VAT


Live Simulation


This scenario will be built around your own organisation and uses Momentum's extensive experience of designing simulations. It is developed to use real and current business challenges as the core of the simulation with an optimum group size of 6-12 participants

Duration; 1-2 days

Cost; £8-12k, on average, plus VAT




This complex, internet based simulation reflects a real time business scenario in which individuals are faced with the challenges of responding to changing internal and external business pressures whilst managing and influencing a number of stakeholders. Pioneer has proven to be highly effective for assessment and development centres, particularly for those approaching director level, with an optimum group size 6-12 participants. Pioneer is available only with the support of Momentum

Duration; 1-2 days

Cost; £15k plus VAT for full implementation

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