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What we do


We equip individuals to increase the engagement of their teams and key stakeholders


Sample Assignments


  1. In a business, passionate about the value of engagement to their commercial success we coached 200 managers, who had the lowest scores on the engagement survey, to help them to increase the levels of engagement in their team. This has resulted in an average increase of over 75% in engagement scores. 

  2. Working with a public sector organisation, renowned for low levels of engagement, we have developed the skills of managers to enable them to be more engaging with their teams. In particular these skills have focussed on ; having engaging conversations; influencing others; agreeing performance objectives

  3. In a FTSE 100 business we have developed the senior leadership team and their reports, to increase the engagement of their business teams in driving performance

  4. We have worked with the directors of a major retailer supporting them to achieve their business vision and strategy and enabling them to attain one of the fastest moving employee engagement scores worldwide

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