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Team Development


What We Do


We use the Momentum Team Performance Indicators to enable and secure high performance teamwork and team development

Sample Assignments

  • In a high profile advertising agency we supported the MD and directors to harness the skills within his executive team. Using theMomentum Team Development Profile we assessed the strengths and limitations of team members and helped the senior team to understand their strengths and their contributing areas of weakness. This has enabled the team to truly understand the team’s dynamics, as well as identify those aspects which contribute to success and hinder performance.

  • In a major UK utilities business we have developed and equipped line managers with the skills and methods to; diagnose their team issues; address and enhance team performance; implement a range of workplace interventions using the Momentum Team Development Toolkit

  • We helped the european senior team of a US based retailer to; establish its strengths and limitations; create new ways of working and, as a result, capitalise more fully on the talents of each senior team member.

  • We have conducted in-depth assessment of both board and top team dynamics across a range of sectors. This has lead to the re-alignment of boards and enabled significant performance improvement.  This work involved assessing board and top team members’ impact on each other and addressing issues to ensure the optimization of performance.

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