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Personal Development Profile


The Personal Development Profile is built from the completion of a set of psychometric inventories. Each profile is written by Momentum, rather than computer generated, and highlights the individuals’ personal strengths, limitations and possible development needs. Profiles are also tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual’s situation and can focus on a variety of areas including; the business’ competency framework; leadership; communication and impact and influence. Individuals discuss and explore the profile, through an in depth feedback and development planning session with a senior Momentum consultant

Extract from a Personal Development Profile


Making Decisions


  • You are someone who can be quite decisive, quickly assimilating the available data and coming to rapid conclusions about what must be done

  • You will often be prepared to make decisions quite intuitively, particularly in your own area of expertise

  • You will have a strong sense of what is the "right" thing to do in any particular set of circumstances and have a well-developed sense of conscience

  • Although you are capable of being very decisive, you are not averse to revising or reversing a decision if the situation demands it

  • You may sometimes make a decision rather impetuously when you are feeling enthusiastic about moving things on


Development Questions


  • Given your capacity to reach quick decisions, how much patience do you have with others who like to take longer in assimilating information?

  • To what extent is your ability to reach a conclusion both quickly and with apparent certainty an aspect of your style that can have a daunting impact on others?

  • How consultative are you in reaching decisions that you know will need others support to be effective?  Are there occasions when you might "go through the motions" of consultation when your mind is already made up? Could some people view you as being somewhat manipulative, on these occasions?

  • Who do you consult in order to help you to control/manage your inclination to be impetuos?


Team Development Profile


The Team Development Profile enables teams to think about the way members work together and particularly the way in which their collective behaviour might be viewed by and influence others.  The profile describes the teams' current predisposition to behave in certain ways.  Being aware of this can help the team to; make more informed choices about how it operates; focus on the areas which could be getting in the way of its' performance and put strategies in place to optimise the skills and talents of the team as a whole. The content of the Team Development Profile is best capitalised on through a team development session facilitated by a Momentum consultant


Extract from a Team Development Profile


Achieving Results


  • This team is likely to be very results focused, working hard to deliver to the highest standards and soon becoming impatient if progress seems slow

  • Although Alan is likely to be very influential in ensuring quality, there is a level of expediency elsewhere in the team that will  be helpful in negotiating obstacles and hastening progress

  • Dawn and Cam are perhaps the most concerned about task clarity and they are likely to want well defined parameters and expectations before engaging in action

  • Both Bas and Dawn are very determined to achieve and may often do so in quite  an unconventional way

  • Cam and Alan are probably the most assertive members of the team and potentially the most determined; Cam may not currently be showing this

Development Questions


  • Are there occasions when this team becomes so focused on the results which you  have committed to that you perhaps lose sight of the bigger picture and the context within which these results fit?  There is liltte doubt that you are all kept extremely busy but to what extent are you busy doing the right things?

  • How does Alan's conscientious desire for quality and the more expedient nature of the remainder of the team manifest itself?  To what extent does Alan value others' ability to accelerate progress by taking a few well-judged shortcuts? Do the rest of the team value, understand and make the most of Alan's ability to keep focused on quality results?

  • How much clarity is there in this team about exactly what is required and what constitutes success?  As manager, does Alan communicate his expectations clearly enough or are there occasions when people take the opportunity to exploit some ambiguity only to discover that their efforts are not aligned?

  • How does the team ensure that it strikes a balance and gets the most from those members who need clarity before action and those who just want to get the task done?

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