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Recent news​

June 2021:
  • "Leading Remotely- Achieving Success in a Globally Connected World" Published

  • The book becomes one of the Financial Times recommended books of the month

  • Mike Parkes Features in Virtual Mgr Podcast hosted by Sky’s Charles Dagnall with Anil Patel, Neil Fillingham and Tony Morocco

  • "The i" national newspaper invites Mike to comment on current hybrid working:

May 2021:
  • New book "Leading Remotely, achieving success in a globally connected world" pre-launch events
April 2021
  • Launch of Aspiring RM Programme, B&Q
  • Develop Your Brand, VWG
  • Leading Change - US, Asia and Europe, Rentokil Initial
March 2021:
  • Aspiring RM, 2 day online Development Centre, B&Q
  • Feedback Fundamentals, US, Asia and Europe, Rentokil Initial
  • Leading Remotely, Asda Conference
February 2021:
  • 17th British Retail Consortium, Retail Masters 5 day virtual event
  • Influencing Skills and Strategies
January 2021:
  • Leadership sessions across Asia and Australia
  • Launch of Aspiring Leaders Programme, VWG
December 2020:
  • Momentum completes over 150 virtual learning sessions for over 1,000 leaders around the globe since the Coronavirus pandemic struck
  • Mike's second book release date confirmed for June 2021
November 2020:
  • Mike Parkes's 2nd book "Leading Remotely - Achieving Success in a Globally Connected World" - contract signed with Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Creating Collaborative Decisions - virtual skills workshop for leaders in B&Q
October 2020:
  • Leading Remote Teams - virtual session South Africa
  • Managing Performance Virtually - virtual sessions for leaders in B&Q
September 2020:
  • Challenging Virtual Conversations - launched in Rentokil Initial
  • Leading Remote Teams - virtual sessions for Rentokil in Australia and New Zealand
August 2020:
  • Leading Remote Teams - for Rentokil Initial in Italy, Sweden, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates and Australia
  • Managing Performance virtually - virtual sessions for over 150 leaders in Asia
July 2020:
  • Managing Performance Virtually launched
  • Leading Remote Teams - virtual sessions for leaders in B&Q
  • YouTube video "Creating Collaborative Decisions" features Business Facilitation provided for B&Q Virtual Workshops
June 2020: 
  • YouTube video: Influencing Styles launched to support Managing the Matrix virtual programmes
May 2020:   
  • YouTube video:  Leading Teams through the Pandemic Part 1 and Part 2 launched
  • Mike Parkes continues research for 2nd book - Leading Remotely - Senior leaders interviews conclude
  • Leading through the Pandemic - research continues
Mar 2020:    
  • Mike Parkes's Business Facilitation Book sales reach over 1,000
Feb 2020:     
  • B&Q Remote Leadership
  • Retail Masters - BRC - Said Business School - 15th year
  • Belgium Deloitte University - Global Manager Development
Jan 2020:     
  • Belgium Deloitte University Global Manager Development
  • Specsavers' Conference - Multi-Site Leadership - North East and Midlands
  • B&Q Remote Leadership Conference 
  • Retail Masters - Welcome video launched
Nov 2019:       
  • Harrods Sales Manager Development
  • Specsavers' Conference - Multi-Site Leadership
  • Belgium Deloitte University Global Manager Development
  • SEAT Commercial Acumen
Oct 2019:       
  • Specsavers' Conferences - Multi-Site Leadership - Midlands/London
  • Harrods Sales Manager Development Launch
  • Specsavers' Partner Coaching
Sept 2019:   
  • Immersive Development Team - After Sales VWG 
  • Specsavers' Multi-Site Leadership - Partner Coaching
Aug 2019:       
  • Specsavers' Conference - Multi-Site Leadership Launch 
  • Rentokil Initial - LMI Leadership Programme 
June 2019:   
  • Rentokil Initial - LMI Programme - France
  • Kingfisher and Specsavers - Business Facilitation based on Mike Parkes's first book
  • Specsavers - Leading Commercially
May 2019:     
  • Rentokil Initial Leadership Conferences - Australia and New Zealand - Headline Speaker
  • VWG - LDP Landing your Proposition
  • Belgium - Deloitte University - Global Manager Programme
April 2019:     
  • Rentokil Initial - Leadership Conference - Indonesia Headline Speaker
  • Kingfisher - Business Facilitation based on Mike Parkes's first book
  • VWG - LDP Building Commercial Acumen
  • Rentokil Initial - LMI
Feb 2019:       
  • Rentokil Initial - Miami - Caribbean Leadership Conference Headline Speaker
  • Landsec - Executive Team
  • Retail Masters - Said Business School - 14th year
Jan 2019:       
  • Landsec - Business Direction Launch
  • Rentokil Initial - Leadership Programme
  • Rentokil Initial - Leading Performance Headline Speaker - South Africa
Nov 2018:       
  • Kingfisher - Business Facilitation based on Mike Parkes's first book
  • Deloitte UK - Building Client Relationships
  • VWG - Golden Rules
Oct 2018:      
  • British Red Cross - Business Facilitation based on Mike Parkes's first book     
  • VWG Conference - Headline Speaker - Influencing skills and strategies
  • Bathstore - "Inside View" - VWG Top Talent
  • Rentokil Initial - Managing the Matrix 
Sept 2018:    
  • Rentokil Initial Conferences - Headline Speaker - Leadership Performance - Saudi Arabia and Dubai
July 2018:    
  • GTA Leadership Graduation - Bangkok
June 2018:     
  • Kingfisher - Business Facilitation based on Mike Parkes's first book
  •  VWG - Top Talent Strategy and Facilitation Workshop
May 2018:     
  • Kuoni Leadership Graduation - Switzerland
  • Rentokil Initial - Managing the Matrix - Human Resource Development
  • Rentokil Initial Oceania Conference - Headline Speaker - Leading Performance - Australia
April 2018:   
  • Specsavers - Commercial Leadership - Copenhagen
  • Rentokil Initial European Conference - Headline Speaker - Leading Performance - Copenhagen 
  • GTA - Asia Leadership Programme - Thailand
March 2018:  
  • Specsavers - Commercial Leadership - Guernsey
  • VWG Top Talent Coaching events
  • GTA Graduation
Feb 2018:       
  • VWG Ireland - Business Simulation - Dublin
  • Retail Masters - Said Business School - 13th year
  • VWFS - Commercial Leadership
Jan 2018:      
  • Specsavers - Commercial Leadership - Australia
  • VWG - Top Talent - Behavioural Insights
December 2017   
  • Audi, Enhancing the Commercial Acumen for Heads of Business
  • Rentokil Initial "Managing Performance " launched
November 2017 
  • SpecSavers Commercial leadership launched globally
  • B&Q Talent group further develop their "Commercial Acumen"
  • "Black Friday, the dilemma continues" Mike Parkes & Jonathan Reynolds blog for the Masters
October 2017
  • Furniture Village, Future leaders Development
  • Asia /Pacific Kuoni Leadership Development, Thailand
September 2017
  • Rentokil Initial Global Executive Development Programme
  • Asia/Australasia GTA leader Passport, Thailand
August 2017
  • Rentokil Initial partner with Momentum on "Managing  Performance"
  • "Business Facilitation" reprint after selling out in UK/US
July 2017
  • Specsavers partner with Momentum on Commercial Leadership         
  • Switzerland, Kuoni Leadership Development
June 2017
  • Kingfisher, Commercial leaders develop their " Business Facilitation"  Skills
  • New York, GTA's Americas Team
  • Furniture Village Influencing Strategies
May 2017
  • GTA European Leader Passport
  • VW Unique Golden Rules
  • Switzerland , Kuoni Leadership Development
April 2017
  • Deloitte "Building & Maintaining Client Relationships"
  • "Your Retail Questions Answered" Mike Parkes, Masters blog
March 2017
  • Masters 2017, Said Business School, Momentum lead this prestigious event for 11th successive year
  • Furniture Village, launch of the Future Leaders Programme
February 2017
  • VW Ireland " Managing Your Brand"
  • Dubai, GTA Leader Passport Middle East, develop their " Business facilitation " skills
  • B&Q Aspire experience a Momentum Behavioural Business Simulation
January 2017 
  • VWFS Commercial Leadership
  • VWG Leadership Development with the new talent cohort
December 2016
  • Design and facilitation of Kingfisher Global Talent Programme in France
  • "Out Of Industry" event provided for Audi
  • Leader Passport facilitated in Switzerland
November 2016
  • "Making Life Easier" launched
  • Leader Passport conducted in Toronto
October 2016
  • London Leader Passport
  • VWG Top Talent experience "Inside View"
September 2016
  • Retalica Business Simulation conducted for VWG Ireland
  • Managing Your Brand provided for VWG Talent
August 2016
  • Heads Of Business experience our Commercial Acumen workshop
  • Leader Passport launched in Dubai for Middle East Leaders
July 2016 
  • Launch of Business Development programmes for Audi
  • Board Development & Coaching with a leading commercial property company
  • Groundbreaking " Being on Your Game" launched VW  Strategic & Business Facilitation Skills
May 2016
  • Momentum invited to design 2 Premier Programmes for B&Q
  • Leading teams through change with a leading clothing retailer
April 2016 
  • VWG Top Talent undertake consultancy assignments
March 2016 
  • Kuoni Leader Passport launched in Asia Pacific
January 2016
  • Anders Kristiansen, CEO New Look & Shanker Patel, CEO Lords Group of Companies are confirmed as headline speakers at the Oxford Masters 2016
December 2015  
  • Read Mike's insightful blog on Black Friday for the Oxford Masters
November 2015
  • Momentum's coaching of over 200 leaders in AIB achieves record results
  • VW launch their Top Talent Programme
October 2015
  • Kuoni Leadership Passport launched for senior leaders
September 2015
  • Momentum's talent work features in People Management magazine
August 2015
  • Skoda senior team development
July 2015
  • Kuoni and Kingfisher invite Momentum to design leadership programmes
May 2015
  • Retalica business simulation experience by VW Ireland field force
April 2015
  • Momentum design a stimulating and dynamic conference for over 100 delegates
March 2015
  • VW Ireland talent, experience Momentum's 2 day leadership programme
February 2015
  • Once more the Oxford Masters is a major success with headline sessions from Sir Charlie Mayfield, Terry Duddy & Chrissie Rucker interviewed by Mike Parkes
January 2015
  • Over 35 delegates confirmed for 2015 Oxford Masters at Said Business School VWG launch their highly innovative, Momentum led, Golden Rules workshops Momentum commence the coaching of 200 managers in a major bank
November 2014
  • Blue sky or pie in the sky? Blog

Mike Parkes November 2014


Across the retail sector, we’ve all seen technology grab a firm hold, but like every technological innovation the question is, which are a great notion but won’t survive and which are here to stay? In essence, which are true blue sky and which are pie in the sky that have no real chance of becoming part of everyday retail theatre? - See more at:


October 2014
  • Sir Charlie Mayfield, Chairman of John Lewis Partnership & Chrissie Rucker, founder of the White Company confirmed for the Momentum led "Oxford Masters" at the Said Business School, Oxford University, February 2015.
  • VWG Top Talent undertake "Inside View" on "sustainability" with B&Q
September 2014
  • Gatwick's Fast Track experience Momentum's Leadership Challenge
September 2014
  • Primark Partner with Momentum for Regional Controller & Area Manager coaching
July 2014
  • 3 of Volkswagens Group Top Talent stretch & test their skills by undertaking a 4 day assignment in Gatwick Airport
June 2014
  • Our partnership with a major bank in engagement coaching produces tangible increases in interim performance
  • Gatwick Airport's Top Talent experience a Momentum Live Simulation
May 2014
  • B&Q partner with Momentum on a series of development programmes later in the year
April 2014
  • Mike's book " Business Facilitation- an essential leadership skill for employee engagement" is available online & in kindle format
Dec 2013
  • Does everything eventually turn full circle? Blog

Mike Parkes December 2013


IWalk through many high streets and what was once an array of bustling businesses, with the exception of some of the same big brands, is increasingly dominated by a range of discounters, charity shops, cash converters and elaborate photos in shop windows to mask vacant premises: over 10,000 at the last count. As we all know, the high street in many parts of the county has been savaged by the growth of out of town retail parks and giant malls which grew at such a rate that many customers are now within a short drive of two or three of these. Recent research in Oxford showed a 5% fall in the High Street’s multiple shops over the past two years.


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