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Managing Performance


What We Do


We develop the skills of managers to address performance issues and have performance conversations which achieve high standards as part of their daily routine


Sample assignments


  1. In a public sector environment which was facing; increased public scrutiny; adverse publicity linked to the management of performance; a challenging backdrop of cut backs in funding; increasing demands on creativity; increased levels of compliance and an embargo on salary reviews, we have worked with senior managers to develop their skills to manage tough yet engaging performance conversations  These managers are now equipped to set clear expectations for performance standards and are able to link these to commercial reality. As a result individuals are being held to account, many for the first time,

  2. In a FTSE 100 company we have developed the capabilities of managers at all levels to set performance objectives which provide clarity of direction for the business, their function and individuals.

  3. In a highly successful retailer we provided workplace coaching and shadowing to support senior managers to further drive the performance of their teams in delivering excellent customer service.

  4. In a global manufacturing business we have developed the skills of managers, from a variety of countries, to enable them to have greater influence and manage tough conversations with others through a period of intense commercial pressure and change

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