Momentum Results was formed by two highly experienced leadership consultant,s Mike Parkes and Sue Kluss.


Over the last 20 years, Momentum has undertaken ground breaking leadership research, resulting in the development of leaders across the world.


Momentum has worked with clients globally in the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Far East.

December 2020:
  • Momentum completes over 150 virtual learning sessions for over 1,000 leaders around the globe since the Coronavirus pandemic struck
  • Mike's second book release date confirmed for June 2021
November 2020:
  • Mike Parkes's 2nd book "Leading Remotely - Achieving Success in a Globally Connected World" - contract signed with Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Creating Collaborative Decisions - virtual skills workshop for leaders in B&Q
October 2020:
  • Leading Remote Teams - virtual session South Africa
  • Managing Performance Virtually - virtual sessions for leaders in B&Q

September 2020:

  • Challenging Virtual Conversations - launched in Rentokil Initial
  • Leading Remote Teams - virtual sessions for Rentokil in Australia and New Zealand
August 2020:
  • Leading Remote Teams - for Rentokil Initial in Italy, Sweden, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates and Australia
  • Managing Performance Virtually - virtual sessions for over 150 leaders in Asia
July 2020:
  • Managing Performance Virtually launched
  • Leading Remote Teams - virtual sessions for leaders in B&Q
  • YouTube video "Creating Collaborative Decisions" features Business Facilitation provided for B&Q Virtual Workshops


June 2020: 

  • YouTube video: Influencing Styles launched to support Managing the Matrix virtual programme

May 2020:   

  • YouTube video:  Leading Teams through the Pandemic Part 1 and Part 2 launched

  • Mike Parkes continues research for 2nd book - Leading Remotely  - Senior leaders interviews conclude

  • Leading through the Pandemic - research continues

Mar 2020:    

  • Mike Parkes' Business Facilitation Book sales reach over 1,000


Creating Collaborative Decisions - using Business Facilitation - an essential leadership skill for employee engagement
Influencing Styles
Leading through the Pandemic